TI-994/a FAB Videos

You must remember this... line

All of these videos were recorded from my slightly modified TI environment. You will notice the altered font, for example.

We'll begin with a video of the system that produced these videos, my old CorComp 9900 system with Gram Kracker...

CorComp 9900 System

This next short video was not produced by that system, but by a CF7+ system.

One of my customized title screens

The most fun I had with the TI was developing my own version of a 40-column display system, originally written on and distributed for the Mini-Mem, eventually translated to Extended Basic and finally modified to run from the Gram Kracker This is the demo program I distributed with the original version.

40-Column Demo


I customized my FORTH system with a few add-ons, including reverse video, which was one of my obsessions...

Bluebird of Paradise (FORTH)

I wrote this game entirely in FORTH. Lots of fun to write, but I couldn't get it to exit properly, so it basically just hangs at the end.

Missle Defense

I wrote a few versions of this game, adding more and more assmebly language routines. This is the Extended Basic version. Three and a half minutes, so settle in...


This is a random music generator which I really like. I could watch it for hours... although you might not agree

Theme Duet

This is a little duet that I actually wrote back in high school. I 'translated' the music into TI Basic and added the abstract color effects. I show the whole sequence here: the Gram Kracker menu, loading the program, listing it, and then running it.

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