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FABbNet is a private web site of the Fine-Arts Bluesband & Poetry Press - Computer Science Division. It is maintained at the home-style kitchens of The Stone Abode. If you're here, you've found us. So what?

The FABb quote of the day:

Life is just high school with money.

- - Frank Zappa

Our mission: to preserve ephemera is my second, and secondary website. It's really just a little experiment. It's here partly for convenience, partly as a dump for personal stuff, partly as a lab, and partly as an experimental site where I can play with things that I don't do on my primary site. If you can't get here at any given time because I'm trying/changing/screwing something [up], then I guess you're not here. So why am I worried?

These links take you to material gathered and/or created here and privately published. At the moment we offer the following types of material:


Some travel and family escapades...

Alas, after doing a lot of Flash conversion a few years ago, I'll have to convert the video in these links again as Flash support disappears. It will take some time, I fear. Meanwhile....

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Linux on my various laptops...

For those of you who don't know, it used to be somewhat of a challenge to get Linux successfully installed on a laptop. These days, not so much. But I leave this section in place for historical interest (of which there is none.)

  • Linux on my Acer Travelmate 4150 a workhorse which no longer runs Linux ...
  • Linux on my Old Thinkpad 390which still runs (remarkably) but no longer runs Linux ...
  • Linux on my Asus EEE 4G which I sold a while ago ...
  • Linux on my (now defunct) Old Thinkpad 570 I don't even remember what happed to the 570 ...
  • Linux on my (now defunct) Presario 800check out the LRP page for details ...
  • And a Better Idea...

    Create a Persistent Debian Live USB Stick The Easy Way


    The balance of this page is a test of whatever latest script or technique I'm playing with. Don't look for meaning. In fact, what the heck are you doing here?

    It is now  Tuesday, December 07, 2021 - 23:21:54 EST 


    I've given up on parsing the logs, maintaining counters, and all that stuff. As default security becomes tighter, it becomes too much hassle to provide my ancient perl scripts with access. And by the way, all those 'hits' one sees in stats, they're almost all web-crawlers, graphics poachers, or hackers. As I said, what the heck are you doing here?


    And how's the weather out there?

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    On the whole, I'd rather be... well, somewhere else:


    The main site of the Fine-Arts Bluesband offers new poetry each month. The link below will take you there, but there is no return link.

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