Delphi™ Programming Examples


Programs and components developed with Borland Delphi™



These examples are in the Object Pascal language and are meant to be used with Borland Delphi™ and in the MS Windows™ environment. Some of the examples were developed with Delphi 3, but most have been adapted for Delphi 6. I've removed several obsolete items including my Windows Weather Toy, parts of which stopped working largely because of on-line changes at NOAA, and others which I judged were of limited utility and interest.

No commercial components are required for any of the examples, but many use 'freeware' such as the RX controls from our friends in Russia. Other components which are not 'Borland' but are included with the various Delphi versions, such as the LMD light component suite (available for all Delphi versions) are also used.

My own code may be used or re-used freely, although appropriate credit is requested. In cases where I have re-used the code of other programmers, I have tried to respect restrictions on the re-use of that code imposed by the authors, and if you re-use it you should respect such restrictions as well.


I went through a period of econstituting my older computer systems, and their programming environments, and looking at my old code. In a remarkable coincidence, about two days after I got my old DOS/Quickbasic environment up and checked out my old FABlist utility printing program, I got an email asking if there was a newer version. Well, there is now. The old, the new, and the GUI, for your edification.


As a convenience, I have packaged some of the more common free-ware components that I use here. All remain copyright of their original authors, but I can no longer find copies of these components on the web. The packages in these zip files all work under Delphi 6.


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