Cape Cod 2001


Dorothy and I had been planning a trip to Italy with my brother Bob and his wife Maryann since last Christmas. After September 11 we and the two other couples we had planned on meeting in Rome, decided (reluctantly) to cancel the trip.

We all still needed a break, so I called my trusty rental agent on Cape Cod and got us into 17 Uncle Venie's Road, the last house on the left on the way to Red River Breach in Harwichport MA.

We got lucky with the weather, the views were spectacular, to say the least, the fried clams at Kreme & Kone were the best in recent memory, and a relaxing time was had by all.

If any of these image contains a link, it is to a larger PGN version of the JPG image. Some of the PNG files are multi-megabyte, so beware.

Some of the very wide shots try to capture the panorama from the porch.

This is the exterior of the house, and the rear view. Note the decks.

17 Uncle Venies Road 17rear

This is The view from the lower porch, off the living room. The house is 'upside down,' which means that the kitchen is upstairs, above the living room. So the upper deck views were even better, and the kitchen was a great place to sit and observe.


This is a panorama of the shore as seen from the lower deck.

Wide View

This is a full pan of the view from the upper deck, including the view of all the other houses that overlook the little cove at the end of the beach. Note that the PNG file is exceptionally large.

Big Pan

The cove just east of Red River Beach helped make the dawn very spectacular. Dorothy got up early four days in a row just to watch it.


I loved my early morning walks around the neighborbood…

Dawn Pan

and along the beach.


We went out to eat a lot, and took little side trips. This is Dorothy, Maryann and Bob in Chatham. And for completeness, myself and Dorothy.

3Chatham Chatham

Just for old time's sake, here's a brief video (Real™ Media Format) from the Cape. And if you use Microsoft Explorer, here's The Windows™ Media format.


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