California 2000


We went to California in March. Four days in San Francisco, three days driving down the coast, and four days in L.A. The Corvette was a rental (alas) but what a kick.

Most of the time Dorothy took the stills with her Canon APS camera, and I had the digital video cam. So you see me a lot here, because Dorothy was taking the picture.

If the image contains a link, it is to a larger PGN version of the JPG image.

This is a view of Alcatraz from the corner of Hyde and Lombard, at the point where Lombard is "the crookedest street in the world." Yes, we walked up that hill! The 'vette came later.

Alcatraz from Hyde & Lombard

We spent about a half hour on this section of the coast. Great views, surf, light, birds, and rocks to climb out on. The image below is Redondo Beach, south of Malf Moon Bay. This is not the Redondo beach south of LA. I think the spelling was different. The whole coast from Sab Francisco to Big Sur was spectacular, witness Pescadoro.

Another Redondo

Here we are in the pewter Corvette on the 17-mile drive around Pebble Beach. Nice car.

R & D in Vette

This is me striking a pose a little further down the coast.

R on Coast

Just another spectacular view off Big Sur, nearly sunset.

Big Sur Coast

This is Pismo Beach, early morning, as seen from the patio behind our room. I shot this with my little Toshiba digital still camera.


This is south of Lompoc, north of Santa Barbara. Click here for a video.


This is where I used to Live in Santa Barbara, when I was in grad school. I was on the second floor of the white building, along with John Stewart. The place hasn't changed much. During the moon landing, we kept running from the TV out to the balcony, to look at the full moon.


This is a little community called Fabria Beach, just south of Ventura and north of Malibu. I missed a great video of a surfer on the beach about 50 yards north of these houses.

North of Malubu

Another pier, this one at Santa Monica. I am trying to take a panoramic sweep of the shore hotels at sunset.

Santa Monica Sunset

This is LA as seen from the Getty Museum. The round area at the end of the wall is their cactus garden.


This is Richard at the Getty.

Richard at the Getty

And just for old time's sake, here's a balcony conversation from the Hotel California in Santa Monica.


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