This too is FABbNet

------------------- is my second, and secondary website. It's really just a little experiment. It's here partly for convenience, partly as a dump for personal stuff, partly as a lab, and partly as an experimental site where I can play with things that I don't do on my primary site. is also run on old equipment, which occasionally breaks, or I occasionally take apart. If you can't get here at any given time, then I guess you're not here. So why am I worried?

For all that, it's probably still pretty dull compared to a lot of what is out on the web, but, consider the source...

So the balance of this page is a test of whatever latest script or technique I'm playing with. Don't look for meaning. In fact, what the heck are you doing here?


It is now [an error occurred while processing this directive] which is [an error occurred while processing this directive]. That is, if the market recovers in time…

You are visitor number [an error occurred while processing this directive] who has loaded this page since I last reset the counter. OK, don't snigger, I know that counters don't work, and are meaningless and inherently inaccurate. Fine. This one, at least, will not count you if you are from a blocked site (like inside my house), and attempts to avoid counting reloads. A green digit is an incremented count, a blue digit is blocked, and a red digit is a reload.

If you believe in logs instead, then I can say with some confidence that this is page number , all served up to at least different users, at least according to the current apache logs. If you want to see more statistics, try this or this.

or you can try one of the other delights below.


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    This is FABbnet!


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